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The Soup Experiment is Over But It's Just the Beginning

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Hello Future Fit Foods Fans,

Thank you for joining us for this 18-month soup roller coaster ride! The ride has been filled with joyful moments, some tears, and many learnings along the way.

Future Fit Foods was designed to inspire the food industry to change, by creating foods and packaging that put people’s wellbeing at the center of our design intent.

We poured our hearts, souls, and savings to create three beautiful soups packed with over 10 organic superfoods including Seven Seas, Southern Soul, and Spice Route. We carefully selected our suppliers and partners to ensure our ingredients would create more value than was destroyed throughout our value chains.

We packaged our soups in cutting edge industrial compostable materials and offered our customers reusable RePack envelopes and a packaging ‘take back’ program that with the help of many of you, returned hundreds of Future Fit Foods soup pouches to the soil as nutrients.

The challenges of starting a food business during COVID on top of supply chain shortages and the increase of prices driven by global inflation have impacted many Americans and our business forcing us to shutter our doors.

As we wrap up our Future Fit Foods' soup experiment with heavy hearts, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for all of our ingredient and packaging suppliers, production partners, countless emerging brands who shared their wisdom with us, Colorado and national e-commerce retailers, farmers markets, interns, family, friends, mentors, our amazing FFF network advisors, and all of our amazing customers who believed and shared our vision, and supported us with their purchases.

We want you to know that we cherished the opportunity to build something special together, taking it from concept to a tangible food product line that we then launched into the wild and learned with.

While our online soup store will close its doors by the New Year, we'll continue to update you on our next Future Fit Foods project at

Humbly yours,

Paloma and Sean

Your Wonder Twins

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