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Full Circle

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Hello Future Fit Food Fans, We have all heard the saying, "what goes around comes around."

We are excited that our Future Fit Foods are living up to that saying. Our design intent has always been to design out waste in our Future Fit Foods products, including our packaging. Yet even with our best design intentions achieving our vision of full circularity in food can not be accomplished without many stakeholders along the way, including you, our customers. At Future Fit Foods, we don't simply measure success by economics but also by social and environmental value creation. We will soon blog about our value creation model in detail, but for now, we wanted to share how all of you have been a part of completing the circle. The Future Fit Foods' soups packaged in pouches made from industrial compostable materials and sold through our online store came with a stamped envelope to return the packaging to us so we could have them responsibly composted near our Future Fit Foods' mothership in Colorado. Thanks to you, we received over 500 packages back from our customers, and while we are thrilled by this number, we want to do better next batch.

A key stakeholder in this full circle of composting the pouches we received from you is A1 Organics, located in Eaton, Colorado. We're extremely grateful to Bob and his team at A1 Organics for supporting us with the composting of the first batch of our soup pouches collected from all of you. The photos below show our Future Fit Foods' soup composting celebration day on March 10, 2022.

We were lucky to be introduced to Bob through the Boulder County Packaging Waste reduction program which have been helping Future Fit Foods with solutions to close the loop with your soup packages, aiming to leave no trace. Our soup packages will take several weeks to compost, and then A1 Organics will become the steward of the soil that it becomes. It takes a village to achieve circularity, and you have all been a part of making our soups design intent a reality. On the journey to close the packaging loop, earlier this year we launch our new RePack Reusable envelopes available in our online store which you can opt into using for your soup deliveries as many times as you like to eliminate the need for single use boxes and to reduce carbon and packaging waste. RePack Reusable envelopes come with pre-paid business return labels so it's very easy to ship them back to us with empty soup pouches. This is yet another way in which we hope to make it easy for you to close the full circle with us.

We would love your thoughts on getting more of our packaging back. Let us know how we can do so! Share your ideas here. With gratitude, Paloma and Sean

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