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Rising to the occasion with the Full Harvest Moon

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Hello FFF Friends, we are excited to welcome the Full Harvest Moon this weekend.

The Full Harvest Moon (also known as Barley Moon or Corn Moon) marks the point when the full moon is closest to the Autumn Equinox. A moonlight that we can enjoy from ‘dusk-till-dawn’ all weekend starting tonight. Look for the round and bright moon as it rises from the east at sunset time.

Why is the Full Harvest Moon important?

For hundreds of years, the Full Harvest Moon has helped farmers in the Northern Hemisphere harvest the abundant summer-grown crops. In September’s full moonlight nights, like the ones we will experience throughout the weekend, farmers would spend full nights harvesting corn, pumpkins, beans, wild rice, and other crops. The big harvest of September was followed by rituals of gratitude to Mother Earth, and harvest community celebrations.

As we welcome the arrival of the Full Harvest Moon, let’s take a moment to remember our ancestors working the land, as well as the critical role that nature and farmers continue to play today in bringing healthy food to our tables. Let's recognize the urgent climate and social challenges of our time, and rise to the occasion by committing ourselves to take individual actions that help regenerate our local natural ecosystems and farming communities so future generations can enjoy many healthy and bountiful harvests.


The Future Fit Foods Team

Future Fit Foods 'Full Harvest Moon' Events This Weekend:

  • FFF Booth at Artwalk Event, Longmont, CO, Sept 10th 4-8PM

  • Farmers’ Market, Nederland, CO, Sept 11, 10AM-2PM

  • Online Sale- Sept 10-12th- Full Harvest Moon SUPPAS Seven Seas Mega Sale

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