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Our Soups Have Left the Building

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Hello Future Fit Food Fans,

We are excited to let you know that our soups began shipping today from our door to yours and should be arriving very soon.

We have simply been overwhelmed- including our aching backs- by the response from this community and hope you enjoy your Future Fit Foods soups as much as we do.

One of the reasons we started Future Fit Foods was to go beyond a transactional relationship to humanizing ones. We invite you to continue the conversation with us and this community we are building together.

We still have limited soup supplies so please tell your friends and family or gift some soups to those you love at our online store.

Once your soups arrive, remember to follow the directions including using only 8 oz of hot (preferably boiling) water, stir, let sit for three minutes then stir. Don’t over water me.

We aim to democratize clean label, healthy and nutrient-dense food so if you think you need a pinch of salt or pepper, a squirt of spicy siracha, a tad of brewer’s yeast, or a protein hit of your choice then please do so. That's your choice.

When you get your soups, please share your experience on social media tagging us and others using these SUPPAS’ tags #futurefitfoods #instantlyfreshsoups tell us what you think.

Thanks again for walking in our Future Fit Foods shoes with us.

With gratitude,

Paloma and Sean

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