• Paloma Lopez

SUPPA Foods for your SUPPA Powers

Hello Future Fit Foods Fans, We hope all of you are enjoying the holidays, whichever you celebrate in your homes.

Did you know that there are ten power-packed superfoods of goodness in every SUPPA pouch? When we designed SUPPAS, our intention was to create the ultimate tasty, convenient, nutritious, and circular soups that meet people where they are at through a humanizing business model or what we call 'healthy for you and the planet'. Our high quality, vegan, gluten free, organic/Non-GMO ingredients are carefully selected, this includes the ten power-packed SUPPA foods that go in each SUPPA. We'd like to highlight one of the ten ingredients in each of our flavors including:

Seven Seas- Wakame Seaweed | Southern Soul- Black Eyed Peas | Spice Route- Lemongrass The Seaweed that adds texture to your Seven Seas is nutrient-rich, chock full of iron and dietary fiber, B12, and calcium as well as other benefits for self-care. One SUPPA Seven Seas contains 30% of your daily iron needs. The Black Eyed Peas that add richness to your Southern Soul are packed with vitamin A, folate, manganese to soothe your soul. The Colorado-grown lemongrass that adds the balanced flavor to your Spice Route has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties to power you up for any urban or rural route you take. While all of us fall into some gluttony during the holiday season as we enjoy our traditional foodways, we can all make better choices in the year to come. The Wonder Twins, your Future Fit Foods co-founders, will equally be sharpening our SUPPA powers in the new year to come.

As this year draws to a close, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your SUPPA support. We can't believe it has been only five months since we launched SUPPAS into the wild, it has been a wild ride and at many times by the seat of our pants. We thank all of you for your tremendous support in following our blogs, liking us on social media and purchasing your SUPPAS this year. Your support allows us to continue to imagine and create the Future of Food together. Wishing you a happy new year with much light and goodness in 2022, The Wonder Twins, Paloma and Sean


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