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Full Circle News

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Hello Future Fit Foods Fans,

We want to wish you a very happy 2022 filled with health, peace, and light!

Future Fit Foods is thrilled to be partnering with another like-minded circular company, RePack.

RePack is designing with intent and follows cradle-to-cradle design principles including:

  • Design out waste and pollution

  • Keep products and materials in use

  • Regenerate natural systems

At Future Fit Foods, we want to use our instantly fresh plant-based soups to create more good than bad and don't want to be a part of the linear packaging system that creates more waste.

During the pandemic and post-holiday season, many of us took more notice and are just plain fed up with the excessive packaging that arrives on our doorstep like boxes, envelopes, and other assorted packs.

These materials often then end up in our homes and likely in the recycling bin -if they are recyclable and if your community provides recycling options. Otherwise, they go into landfill.

Our new partnership with Repack allows our soup customers to opt-in and use our Repack service for a nominal fee of $3.

What's so cool about the Future Fit Foods x RePack partnership is that we send you your plant-based, nutrient-packed and tasty soups to your door.

Once you've enjoyed your soups, you can put your empty SUPPAS pouches -made from industrial compostable materials- inside the RePack envelope, close it, and drop the RePack bag in the mail.

We will then sanitize the RePack and reuse it to send you more soups while responsibly disposing of the used soup pouches made with industrial compostable materials.

It sounds like full circle, right? Yes, that's the point, and believe us, it feels good too. This circular model closes the packaging loop and gives our planet a break. With RePack, your packaging is used & reused, over, over, and over again.

And what's especially cool is RePack saves up to 80% CO2 and removes packaging trash. Yes, that's not a typo an 80% CO2 reduction on average. On top of that, when you opt into using RePack at checkout, you will receive a 10% discount on your next purchase - everyone wins.

Future Fit Foods x RePack is rethinking shipping packaging and bucking the linear system one package and one soup at a time. We would like to thank Boulder County and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the generous grant we received that made this possible.

Remember in the Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle mantra, Recycling is the last option not the first.

We are proud to be the first food brand in the United States to use RePack to make it easy for their customers to close the packaging loop.

Now you can be among the first people to order your nutrient-pack and delicious SUPPAS using RePack. First 10 Future Fit Food heroes to order their next set of soups using RePack will receive a special surprise.

For more information on RePack, click HERE.

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