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Renew, Refresh

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Reconnecting Future Fit Food Fans,

We hope that you are feeling like us with Spring in full display in colorful Colorado, the snowmelt -and abundant rain showers this month- filling our rivers and streams, the sun's warmth warming our souls, our crops planted in our raised beds, and our recently planted native plants blooming and bringing us simple pleasures that renew us from the winter's cold.

Spring also brought us more vaccinations in arms. We have been volunteering at a vaccination equity clinic that supports underserved communities in Boulder County and we are beginning to see the light ahead of embracing the new post-pandemic normal, however we are acutely aware of how many people in our community and across the globe continue to lack access.

This light brings us energy and refreshes us to push forward with Future Fit Foods and we are pleased to announce that we just started our first scaled food production with the University of Nebraska's Food Innovation Center in Lincoln, Nebraska. Photos and stories from our first production coming soon.

The journey so far has not been easy starting this business during a pandemic, optimizing recipes, foraging for ingredients, building relationships with suppliers, re-imaging a process to make our soups, finding a co-manufacturing partner, identifying packaging solutions that work within planetary boundaries, and many more peaks and valleys.

Let's not forget as we move forward from the pandemic (step by step) to reflect on what we have learned or the new experiences that we have enjoyed whether that was more time with family, making bread, gardening, or taking long hikes to cherish these moments and rebuild carrying these new joys with us yet avoiding a return to the system of the past but the circular system of the future.

Future Fit Foods wants to play a role in the new regenerative food system and be welcomed at your table, desk, on your picnic blanket, or your hike.

Welcome to the good life!

Sean and Paloma

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