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Every Drop Matters

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

“The earth was thirsty, with the memories of trees long cut, and its surface hardened, that long since rain-soaked.”

― Meeta Ahluwalia

Future Fit Foods would like to wish all of you a happy Earth Day 2021 and hopefully, even with the COVID pandemic upon us, you and your community can give back safely to our mother through your service today.

We only have one planet with no plan B (and we don't have tickets to the spaceship) so let’s protect, nurture, and regenerate our earth through our intentional actions today and for the future generations of tomorrow.

Living in Boulder, Colorado, we are acutely mindful of the need to preserve every precious drop. The Rocky Mountains loom just to the West of us. The Rockies are known as the headwaters to many major US rivers including The Colorado River, The Arkansas River, The Rio Grande, The San Juan River, The Platte River — North and South. The Rockies provide nineteen of our fifty states with water for drinking and irrigation, truly a source of life for the Western United States. We must protect the sources of our water because likely most of us live downstream.

As of last week, just a bit further to the West and beyond areas were classified as being under exceptional drought that is a stage higher than extreme drought, meaning that our fellow planetary passengers are facing the possibility of exceptional and widespread crop and pasture losses, exceptional fire risk, shortages of water in reservoirs, streams, and wells causing water emergencies.

So, we are taking action through our intentional food design at Future Fit Foods. How? We refuse to be a part of the current take, make, use, waste system that is OK with shipping water throughout the distribution system like canned or plastic-packaged water-based products found in the middle aisles or refrigerated sections in grocery stores or ghost warehouses across the country. We simply cannot be OK with this anymore.

We will be using ancient Incan knowledge and preservation techniques that made food lighter and easier to carry, more durable and long lasting to hedge against drought and subsequent crop failure. No not a NASA invention. Our new foods will meet you where you are at, addressing food waste through preservation, and delivering on nutrition, bounty, and taste. We will be telling you more in our next blog.

Let us all remember today and tomorrow how connected we all are and to our planet. One action somewhere in the system impacts the rest of it just like when you skip a stone on placid glacial water and the ripples ensue. We may all come from different stripes, live within different means but none of us can live without water. Every drop matters.

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1 Comment

Bonnie Nixon
Bonnie Nixon
Apr 22, 2021

Thank you so much Paloma for this thoughtful and impactful reflection and for these wise words and set of sad facts for us on to contemplate this important day. As you know, I am and will always be a supporter, fan and hopefully one day prosumer of your products. As always, gratitude to and for you. 😍 Bonnie

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