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Breaking Bread

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Hello Future Fit Foods Fans,

It's the holiday season, a time when we reflect and give thanks for that which we are grateful for during the year.

It's also time to break bread with family and friends bringing memories of holidays past and memories of those that are no longer with us yet who continue to live through storytelling and shared experiences throughout our lives.

What we love about the holidays is sharing a table and a meal with those we love and celebrating the foodways that have brought us together over the years. Often food is the cultural glue that brings us back to the table. Foodways are the social, cultural, and economic practices that relate to food production and consumption. Think about your holiday table and what foods have been passed down from generation to generation. How the familiar smells, the colors, the textures, and tastes bring you back to the table and how sharing this food experience brings you closer to family and defines your culture.

Food can bring us together but throughout history it has also led to war particularly when food became scarce like the Salt War of 1482-84 or as the Roman Empire grew and the need for grains meant shortages at home leading to plundering grains from other countries like Egypt to meet demand; or when France attacked Mexico and waged a three-month war with them over a single pastry shop. When we created our soups, it was our memories of travel that inspired recipes like Seven Seas or the wide ocean and the bright smell of seaweed while walking on an early morning shore; Spice Route and the smells of lemongrass, ginger, and the dizzying array of colored fruits and vegetables of Southeast Asian Markets; or Southern Soul and the smokey depth of southern cooking.

Breaking bread also brings us together with our many partners including Kuli Kuli, a Certified B Corporation founded by Lisa Curtis, an amazing social entrepreneur.

At Future Fit Foods, we’re proud to work with Lisa and her organization’s unrelenting pursuit to provide economic growth, sustainable agriculture, and women's empowerment to smallholder farmers in Africa through the sourcing of Moringa, one of our superfoods in our Seven Seas’ recipe.

Did you know that Moringa has way more protein, iron, and calcium than a serving of kale and boasts antioxidants to boot? Breaking bread will Lisa and her team means we are creating value across the value chain while bringing high-quality and low impact ingredients to you. Enjoy the holidays and break bread with your family and friends during this festive season. What are some of your foodways? Paloma and Sean

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1 comentariu

14 dec. 2021

Merry Christmas! Beautiful post. And that award is mighty fine too.

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