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Amazon or Bust

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Hello Future Fit Foods Fans, We have some exciting news to share with our community today. Since we launched in July 2021 during the pandemic, it has been a choose your adventure-like endeavor, where others have also chosen some of the adventures for us. We appreciate all of you for supporting us along the way through your support and purchases at our online store, allowing our instantly fresh, plant-based, sustainable, healthy and tasty Future Fit Foods soups to take off.

The journey has truly felt like "or bust," at times doing everything possible to get somewhere, not necessarily knowing where that next stop would be. We just kept our Future Fit Foods' vision in mind and kept going finding a way to get to our next milestone no matter what. In fact, our road to date has been the road less traveled, and we could have not imagined where the Future Fit Foods' road would take us. Since soups were let loose in the wild in 2021, they have found their way to homes, offices, gyms, co-working spaces, campers, and trails, through our online store, farmers markets, and retail outlets in Colorado. We are grateful to all the people who have extended their hands to support the Future Fit Foods' journey.

We continue to explore new options to scale so we can bring more plant-based convenience foods that are good for people and the planet. We were excited this past fall when we learned that we were accepted into the Climate Pledge Friendly Amazon Accelerator program.

The Accelerator program supports small emerging brands like Future Fit Foods with potential to join Amazon’s Climate Friendly Pledge program. The Accelerator team helps young brands learn how to sell on their platform, how to complete the requirements necessary to qualify for the Climate Pledge Friendly program and offers discounts and other great benefits to help brands with sustainability credentials like ours to get off the ground.

Jennifer Carroll

We were fortunate to have had a dedicated Amazon employee to help us navigate all the twists, turns, and hurdles of becoming an Amazon seller. The name of this amazing employee is Jennifer Carroll a Business Development Manager within Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly Accelerator program.

Jennifer has held our hand and given us incredible support since day one of joining the Accelerator program. She is clearly passionate about helping emerging brands that are doing impact and sustainability work to list on Amazon and the Climate Friendly Pledge program, setting these smaller brands up for success.

We are incredibly grateful to Jennifer and the rest of the Amazon Climate Pledge team who have offered us this incredible support. Drum Rollll.... The exciting news is that our soups will be available for sale on Amazon starting this Tuesday, March 15th!

You can help us grow in scale and impact by ordering our soups on Amazon and writing a review about your Future Fit Foods experience. Sharing the Amazon launch news through your networks will also be a huge help.

We are offering our first 50 Future Fit Foods fans a special $5 OFF offer on your first 8-pack soup order through Amazon. Hurry up to access your offer at checkout.

As Jack Kerouac wrote in Desolation Angels, "Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don't be sorry." These words certainly describe our Future Fit Foods' journey so far. With gratitude, Paloma and Sean

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