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Three, Two, One ... The Future Fit Foods Shop Is Now Open!

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Three, Two, One ... blast off! No, we are not referring to the billionaire space race going on, but we're thrilled to announce the launch of our Soups Shop where all of you can support the Future of Food with your purchase.

Phew, it has been a long journey for us and you, but that moment is finally here.

Firstly, we thank you for being on this ride with us and the countless other fans, contributors, fellow food entrepreneurs, production partners, and those people that have grown, harvested, and transported our soup ingredients; without their hard work, we would not be able to provide these soups to you today.

Future Fit Foods' soups were inspired by the word restorative or having the ability to restore health, strength, or a feeling of well-being.

The French used the word "restaurer" or to restore oneself to describe a new concept of eating houses or restaurants where the concept was invented in Paris around 1782. These restaurants served exclusively broths and soups.

We have designed our soups with the intent to help you to restore yourself during your busy day but not get burdened down with poor health outcomes when on the go, at work, at home, on the road, or even in the great outdoors.

Future Fit Foods' soups have already been fully cooked to ensure that the broth, flavors, and spices are married together through a slow cooking process with other ingredients to ensure a great taste experience, with over 10 superfoods, that are instantly fresh in just three minutes after adding boiling water.

Today, we are launching with three tasty soups: Southern Soul, Spice Route, and Seven Seas, bringing a world of flavor and something for everyone.

Southern Soul

This soup was inspired by several trips we made to the Southern United States jiving from Juke joint to Juke joint listening to music that soothes the soul. This soup leads with its smokey flavor and features organic black-eyed peas, organic collard greens, and organic sweet potatoes.

Spice Route

Spice Route was inspired by our trips to Southeast Asia and traversing with backpacks through the many fresh, fragrant, and colorful markets throughout Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other parts less traveled.

This well-balanced yet not overly spicy soup features carefully selected organic adzuki beans, organic shiitake mushrooms, and organic lemongrass.

Seven Seas

Seven Seas was inspired by Paloma's love for the ocean and the whimsical but at times treacherous sea. As intrepid travelers, there is nothing like that early whiff of fresh crisp morning air while at sea and imagining all of its bounty in the depths below.

This taste of the sea soup features Non-GMO Pacific wakame seaweed, Non-GMO green papaya, and organic sprouted mung beans.

We would be honored to count you as a customer and your purchase will support the future of food helping us to create more value than we destroy one Future Fit Food's soup at a time.

With gratitude,

Paloma and Sean

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