• Paloma Lopez

SUPPAS Week One - Just the Beginning

Hey Future Fit Food Fans,

It's been a week since we brought our collective first and humble Future Fit Foods vessel SUPPAS into the world. And we could not be prouder parents. We hope you feel the same.

Let's remember that many hearts, minds, and hands got SUPPAS into the marketplace, farmers and farmworkers that nurtured and harvested the food, to the truck drivers that brought the ingredients to distribution centers and beyond, to the food developers, scientists, nutritionists, and university students that shared their knowledge and expertise, to the chefs and kitchen teams that brought the recipes and flavors to our SUPPAS, to our advisory network that so graciously offered their time and minds, to our family and friends that have supported us along the way and also offered a shoulder to cry on, to the countless passionate individuals and food entrepreneurs along the way that got Future Fit Foods to this demarcation point along our journey.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our fans for your support, for taking action through your purchase, and/or sharing through your networks. We are truly grateful.

Click here for a press snippet we want to share with you about SUPPAS.

If you have not had the chance to purchase SUPPAS, we would love to count you as a customer and community member.

You can find our tasty, instantly fresh, and nutrient packed SUPPAS at www.getsuppas.com while they last.

With great gratitude,

Paloma and Sean

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