• Paloma Lopez

Suppas Loompa

Hey Future Fit Food Fans,

We are blazing ahead with our pre-sales launch in less than 10 days. So stay tuned!

We have started our scaled-up cooking in a much larger kitchen to fulfill Suppas orders for the pre-sale event with our production partner being the University of Nebraska Food Innovation Center.

We are very excited to partner with the university on this ambitious Wonka-like project to scale and ensure that our recipes meet all necessary specs including food safety, nutritional, and quality requirements. And being a small start-up, our large-scale cooking options were limited so we very much value this partnership. The partnership aligns with Future Fit Foods' values by providing opportunities to enrolled food science students who are gaining valuable industry experience while being paid a living wage and challenging academics with our and your expectations around taste, quality, nutrient density, and shelf stability.

Last month we road tripped to Lincoln, Nebraska to be a part of the action and in the kitchen. But as a scrappy start-up, our journey began way before our production kick-off. Many of the ingredients we had to hand source in advance and take with us. After a long drive, we landed in lovely Lincoln, Nebraska, the state's capital. Most students have gone for the Summer so the city is quiet this time of year.

We arrived at the center the next morning and were warmly greeted by Terry (the Executive Director) and Jason (our Chef and production specialist). We unloaded our stage-coach of ingredients and united them with the other ingredients shipped directly or purchased locally.

We spent the day touring the center's immaculate and ultra-modern facilities, conducting meetings with other team members we have been virtually collaborating with for months, and check out all the glimmering and fantastical equipment that would help us to scale Suppas. We came to appreciate the hard work associated with food preparation while we peeled many pounds of fresh organic ginger and garlic all the while smelling the alluring flavor of Adzuki beans simmering just feet away from us for our first recipe: Spice Route.

The experience was tactile yet sensory and it was very gratifying knowing we have made it this far with so many twists and turns before yet now riding the Seahorse Boat down the chocolate river waiting for an Oompa-Loompa to jump out from behind a kettle.

Let's all remember the next time we eat a meal to consider all of those people across the value chain that brought that food to us and the hard work involved in getting it to our table and the privilege we have to eat it thanks to them.

Let's be more Charlie Bucket than Veruca Salt.

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