• Paloma Lopez

SUPPAS In the Wild

Hello Future Fit Food SUPPA Fans,

We know it's been a while since we connected with you, but we have been busy bringing Southern Soul, Spice Route, and Seven Seas to the world. Our mini meals are meeting people where they are at, bringing nutrition and goodness wherever they land.

It has been a fantastic couple of months since customer zero received their first product, and we thank many of you who received our blogs for your SUPPA support, voting with your dollars, and inspiring change in the convenient food sector.

If you haven't had the opportunity to purchase SUPPAS yet, please check out our offerings at www.getsuppas.com. Fall has fallen upon us, and it's a great time to cozy up to something warm, tasty, and nutritious.

Phew, we have had plenty of barriers thrown in the way of getting to market from our door to yours from production, sourcing, packaging, and e-commerce hurdles. We have endured playing in the Future Fit Foods sandbox another day. We packaged all SUPPAS for the first batch ourselves, including chopping vegetables and garlic. This experience gave us great respect for all hardworking food service workers who keep value chains resilient and get food to your door.

The community response has simply been overwhelmingly positive, and we sold out of our first batch of production by the end of August.

We are equally thrilled to see purchases permeate through our friends and family network to new networks and communities not known to us, and a special shout out to those of you who have reordered SUPPAS.

We have completed our second batch of production with the University of Nebraska Food Innovation Center and plan to continue scaling production with their team into the Fall. The Innovation Center is acquiring a new freeze dryer for Future Fit Foods and the customers that will produce more SUPPAS of the same quality more efficiently from now on. We are SUPPA excited about that.

Some of you have asked why freeze-drying? Freeze drying is an excellent preservation technique carried out at freezing temperature to maintain the food’s original molecular structure, taste and texture and to lock up to 97% of the nutrients in the food itself. Unlike dehydration, which uses heat to dry out the food, breaking down the molecular structure, changing the texture and losing some of the flavor and nutrients in the process.

We discuss our purpose-based design intent, including freeze-drying, packaging, and the problem with shipping water around on this recent Innovation Forum Podcast. Check it out and share your thoughts on our blog and also let us know how we can do better for people and the planet.

Finally, we are excited to announce that as the band Devo crooned "Freedom of Choice," you now have more SUPPA options available on our virtual store, including purchasing a six-pack of exclusively one of your favorite flavors rather than the forced-fed assortment at www.getsuppas.com.

With gratitude, Paloma and Sean

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