• Paloma Lopez

New Future Fit Foods Podcast: Filling the Fluid and Fiber Gap

Hello Future Fit Foods Fans:

We are excited to launch the first Future Fit Foods podcast that we have designed to help our fans navigate everyday food choices related to nutrition and sustainability.

We plan on bringing you a curated series of podcasts that are short, sweet, and informative on the future of food.

Our very first podcast features, our very special guest and registered dietician with over 25 years of experience, Stacey Krawczyk, who shares her knowledge on the importance of fluids and fiber, including strategies on how to live your very best life through your daily food choices.

We learned a lot listening to this 6-minute podcast including how to be mindful and present in your daily eating habits, planning, and how ample fluids and fiber impact your gut health.

Did you know that soups and salads before a meal stimulate the appetite and help fill you up with fiber and water-rich food early on sometimes leading to a reduction in overall calorie consumption during that meal?

We are not spoilers, listen to the PODCAST here for more insights.

Go to your SUPPAS store to buy your favorite SUPPAS that will make it a bit easier to achieve your fiber and water goals, and jumpstart that microbiome.

Let us know what topics you'd like to hear more about related to nutrition and food sustainability. Our ears are wide open.

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