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Welcoming Our First Food Brand to the FFF's Family

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

We know this has been a difficult time for all of us and some more than others.

When not working on the Future of Food, we have been taking time out to reflect, center ourselves, and at times get lost in stunning Rocky Mountain nature. In Autumn, the Aspen trees come alive with vivid green and yellow hues, as you will see in the 90 second video below, reminding us of the change of seasons.

Aspen trees can live to over 100 years old, but more astounding as a rhizome, some Aspen colonies' root systems are estimated at around 80,000 years old. Yes, that is right, 80,000 years old. We are confident that all of our fans will bounce back with Aspen tree resilience, which is the first to recover and restore the soil and biodiversity after wildfires like we sadly experienced in Colorado this summer and continue.

In the US, the Aspen tree is referred to as the "Quaking Aspen" as the leaves "quake" when they tremble in the wind, which is a perfect segway to reveal our product name and logo.

We can feel the earth quaking now. Drummm Rollll! Watch this 90 sec. video to hear about our big news.

Thanks for watching our launch of the Virtue Pods Brand and logo.

We have found that resilience is our number one confidant working through the ups and downs of starting an impact food business, but we are getting there.

Please tell your family, three friends, and three colleagues, to sign up for the soon bigger reveal of our tasty, affordable, nutrient-dense and circular products and pre-sales event coming very soon!

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1 Comment

Bonnie Nixon
Bonnie Nixon
Apr 22, 2021

I love your virtu pods and what a cool fruit - never saw it before and want to know all about it. And of course I love your video and enthusiasm among the beautiful Aspens. Can't wait to come visit!

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